Friday, July 29, 2011

Hatred has NO Place in the Making of Magick

My Sincerest Thanks to the many who have sent me Emails in regard to the
Hate Champaign that has been directed against myself and my Business
Luna Enchantments Magickal Cupboard by another
Etsy Artisan.
It is a Blessing to know that you have recognized the fact that this Hatred is not of the Pagan Way, and that anyone who can conduct themselves in this manner is not based in reality, and that they have total disregard for proper business etiquette. It is Unprofessional & Disconcerting.
With keeping with a Spiritual Path, anyone who can say they hate my name
Lady MoonRaven because when they look at the Moon, it disgusts them, gives clear insight of the total disrespect to the
Divine Mother Goddess herself, and the Path to which we follow. It is offensive & disrespectful to Deity.
If one can direct such hatred & harm in this way towards another they are not on any divine path, nor are they Magickal in any Essence.
It is comforting to know that you all have recognized that a person with such Hatred in their Aura can only be creating products that contain the same, for as Magickal Craftsman the Energy that we apply in the creation of our wares is of the utmost importance.
Crafted with hatred inside produces the same with in ones products.
I hold no malaise towards this person, and wish her the best in all her in divers. I will continue to send pure white light to shine upon her.
Many Blessings to All
Lady MoonRaven HPS


  1. I don't need to guess who is conducting this campaign against you. Stay strong. You are not alone.

    Liorah Lleucu of Witchcrafts

  2. An intuitive Witch you are indeed, I know you are being subject to the same Champaign. Did you know that your name appears all over her blog?
    From what I have been told by so many now, she has used this type of behavior for years. So many are sick of hearing about her victim stories.

  3. Before I reported her to Etsy for harassment, she admitted in one of her many hatefully rabid convos and emails to me (to which I did not respond other than to share them with Etsy Support) that she has indeed driven many out of business on Etsy over the years via her hate campaigns and threats. She threatened to do that to me as well (this was not long after I opened my shoppe). She went as far as sending me a certified letter from her putative "lawyer" (which I refused to accept and "returned to sender"). Yes, I know she has slandered me by name publicly - I've let it roll off, but if she ever starts with me again, I will file slander and illegal business intimidation practices charges. She's one sick puppy, that is certainly true. The only reason I am discussing her now is to offer you moral support so that you are not convinced that she has any legal basis for her threats - she doesn't - and she banks on the fact that most people don't know the details of the law very well. I'm glad you are part of our community. You have a lovely shop, beautiful offerings, and a wonderful presence. Also, I am so in love with the gorgeous altar table I bought from you not too long ago - it's just perfect!

    Lori (Liorah Lleucu of Witchcrafts)

  4. The funny thing is that when I made it known that she had ripped ME off, she played the victim BIG TIME.

    Long story short, I pitched her a line of magical intent pendants with herbs, oils, and gemstones. She said she was interested, so I made 6 prototypes up, took pictures, and gave her pricing info. She claimed it was too expensive for her at the time, so she passed. I said no worries, I'll sell them in my shop, thanks for the consideration.

    Three weeks later, she's selling ugly knockoffs, using the same naming conventions as my prototypes. I wrote to her calling bs on it, and she was like "oh, well, I had been developing these for months."

    Waitwait. You were developing a nearly identical product to the one I was pitching, and you neglected to bring it up? Even when you saw how similar the names of the pendants were. RIGHT, LADY.

    After I made this info public, she changed some of the names (ie, 'Fortuna' became 'Fortunas'), and then sent me Etsy convos harassing me and asking me to take down my postings because people were contacting her on Etsy and shaming her for her copycat ways.

    She is one of the most dishonest pagan practicioners I've come across. Totally unsurprised that she's continuing to act in bad faith.

  5. Funny this does not surprise me. I have received so many emails speaking of her wrong doings.
    It is so very sad to have some one call them selves a Witch, when they do not have a clue on what it is all about.
    In my 27 almost 28 years of Practicing I have come across many types of Witches, they fall into two categories “Real Witches” & Want to Be Witches” I think we know to which one she can be honored with the title of.
    It is such a shame to see someone so Full of Ones Self. that there simply is no room in there for the
    Wisdom or Inner Peace to which is such a great part of this belief. The craft is not practiced from Ego…
    The emails I have received have come from many who were once her customers as well as fellow
    Etsy Artisans, most saying they would never shop with her again because of her Rudeness & Negative Attitude. They call her a bully.. An insecure person who has no right to attack others in such ways. Most laugh at her immaturity and have titled her as “The little child” who is constantly in tantrum stamping her feet. Not exactly what you would vision as a Witch of any Power.
    I do believe that the more that is said to open peoples eyes the greater they see.
    I have complete faith in the powers of the Universal Forces to tend to her in the best way fit.
    White Light & Blessings are being sent her way regularly.. Although I do believe she needs much more then that!
    Lady MoonRaven

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