Sunday, August 11, 2013

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Just in time to Kick off the Fall Season.
And if you haven't Heard by now about our New Expanded Crystal Section ...
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Friday, August 2, 2013

Greetings Everyone,
I just wanted to pop in and tell you all about the Witches Emporium Night that is hosted on the Enchanted Witchery Facebook Page...
It is a night filled with Bewitching One of A kind Offerings.. Each week brings New and different Offerings.
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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Let's get to know each other

Merry Meet Lovely Witches..
I have been pondering how to start this blog, and I have decided it is
best we all get to know one another. So I will start. My name is Jeanette. I am a born and
raised Catholic, I was a "good Catholic" until it was time to sign my second child up to
religious instruction. I had no desire to have him make his sacraments or re-enroll my older son.. At
best i was a non practicing Catholic. Then my younger son asked me why he wasnt enrolled to make
First Holy Communion.. I told him I didnt know.... Well he is an inquisitive one and went on to
ask me what we were them,,,Guess it was time for me to figure that out huh.. So I began researching
if there was a religion that practices what I believed....
BOOM.... Wicca... are you kidding me Wicca... Huh this is going to go
over like a proverbial fart in church... So in a few days I decided to talk to my husband about this
finding.. He was awesome.. he said "im not surprised, I always thought you were a bit "witchy"" he
did not mean it as a derogatory statement but an honest fining...
So my journey begins...  On a chance meeting I meet Lady Moon Raven... I
was in awwww she is as amazing as you think she is.... I am (oh so) lucky to live near
her.... then can you imagine she
had a position open...
So here we are on her blog....
Share your journey.....

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Blessings for a Beautiful Spring Equinox ~ Ostara

Well it has been a long time since I have come to the Blog to post... this will be changing as Spring Arrives tomorrow and it is a time of New Beginnings...
Tonight we prepare for the Welcoming of Spring... The Spring Equinox ~ Ostara

As a Pagan family we do try our best to celebrate upon the actual Sabbat.
Although there are few times that this may not be possible, most of the time it does work out very well.
Ostara is such a beautiful Holiday.  Filled with the promise of renewal & rebirth.  It is indeed a time of New Beginnings.
One of my favorite things about Ostara is what it represents.   It is a time that we can plant seeds for what the future shall bring. 
This can be the seeds that will be transplanted into the Gardens or the symbolic seeds we plant for change.  To manifest New & Wonderful things in our lives.

Ostara is also a magickal Holiday for children.   With so many things that can be shared with them.
The Ostara Egg Hunt.  The Ostara Rabbit and his special gifts and the planting of seeds with in the home for the Gardens outdoors.

I do wish you all a very blessed day filled with all you seek.
Enjoy, and many your day be filled with Abundance of all Good,  Fertility in all you plant & The Happiness of Spring with in your heart!

Love & Light
Reverend Lady MoonRaven HPs

Friday, December 21, 2012

Wishing You A Beautiful Winter Solstice
Good Morning Everyone,
A Blessed Winter Solstice to you All!
First let me say that we do apologize for not being here yesterday or last evening.
A last minute decision of Mine to take the time to spend with Family and Prepare for today.
We spent last evening in reflection, finished dressing Raven House for the Welcoming of the
Winter Solstice and spent the time thinking of what the true meaning of this beautiful event is.
A time to reflect, prepare for what lies ahead, and cast away what no longer serves.
With all of the prophecies projecting the End of the World it has given many the chance to take serious stock of where we move ahead from here.
To count the many blessings that we have in our lives and to open our selves to receive the gifts of the
New Age, a higher level of consciousness.
We Have ONE Earth, The Earth Mother, The Giver of Life.
Respect ~ show Reverence to this Planet we reside upon. It is not our possession, but a Gift. A beautiful place for us to dwell in harmony with Nature and Mankind. Show respect for something that does not belong just to you, but to all.

Kindness ~ be kind to one another, be it Stranger or Friend. If practiced it will be returned

Love ~ share this human emotion with all the world, be not selfish but giving. Love thy self as well

Thankfulness ~ be humble, and thankful that we have this beautiful Earth to live upon and thankful for everyday the things we take for granted each day that could all be gone tomorrow. The Waters ~ Air ~ Fire & Earth. Each allows us to live in comfort.

Giving ~ Give back! Don’t always take and not reciprocate in return! Take only what is needed and return an offering for what has been given.

Attunement ~ Attune thy self to the wonders of the Divine ~ The Energies of The Lord & Lady & the hidden Gifts bestowed upon us yet to be discovered. We all have gifts ~ use them and use them wisely.

The Bottom line is that we ALL need to take some time in deep reflection upon this Winter Solstice and ask, what does this life time really mean to us? Why have you been put here? What is your purpose and how does this all effect those who surround you. What gifts do you have to share and what lessons have you come here this time to learn. Open to these understandings.
By creating a Peaceful Balance in one’s own life we can project this to those who are around us. Share the Peacefulness it then becomes contagious.
We all have ordinary, everyday lives. One’s that take us to Jobs, keep us tending to Family, & dealing with the stresses of life in general, the mundane but what we sometimes loose site of is that we are Spiritual Spinning Balls of Divine Energies, one’s that can mark a New Beginning ~ dispose of Negativity and harness the Magick of the amazing Gift of Life its self.
We can change the course of events, stir energies to Manifest, and Craft a better World for those who will follow after us.
The Enchanted Witchery Family wishes You and Yours the Brightest of Winter Solstices ~ The Merriest of Yule’s & A beautiful New Beginning as we welcome the Lights return!
Many Blessings be upon All !
Love & Light & Magick
Lady MoonRaven & The Enchanted Witchery Family

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Creating Your Altar & Sacred Space.. the many Elements

Today I was asked a question about Personal Altars and Sacred Space which prompted me to think of my early days when starting my journey, and striking memories of my own first Altar..  now 30 some odd years ago.. lol yes I am dating myself here aren't I!
One of the most exciting times I do recall, the setting of my first Altar to which I could call my own.
With in my home there was always a Scared Space established, but almost all of the "work" took place upon the Kitchen Table when needed.  No fancy tools, just some good candle flame and items needed to complete the task.

Today I look around The Raven House, my personal home and see that boy times have changed!  I now have an Altar set up in just about every room and have a beautiful large Apothecary chamber that has not one but several different Altars for different purposes.  With in The Enchanted Witchery candle design studio there are five different Altars positioned for each stage of candle making so as the process goes along my work is being blessed my these Scared Areas. With in the gardens of Enchanted Witchery a lovely Sacred Circle has been dedicated to the workings of the Goddess and is a true sanctuary of magickal wonderment... so very much has changed through out the years.
Yet as it should be.
As you begin your magickal path you start out with ideas and beliefs of what your Altar should entail.
It's design and layout and the tools to which are placed upon it, but as we grown and travel the path we change and so does the space to which we work our Magic.
Things that we once held dear are no longer a part of us and so we change them.  We add new and remove those which no longer serve.
I personally have items still from my early days to which I will never part with, but yet others that have since been gifted to many of my students as well as friends and Coven members.. they all seem to find the New Home to which they belong when the timing is correct.
As you travel through your life's journey I suspect you will too experience the changing and gifting..
it is the natural way of growth.

When designing an Altar or Scared Space there is a lot to consider.
Will it be a small area, large area, with in an existing room or a room dedicated as a personal sanctuary?
Once this has been determined the design begins.
What is the over all feeling of the area to which you wish to create? Old World Charm with a mix of Antiques?  Or perhaps a very modern clean look.
This choice is so very personal and there is no right or wrong approach to it.  Your Altar or Sacred Space must make you feel magickal when you are with in it.  The energy should have a strong vibration and empower you when you work, meditate or craft.
Selecting the right elements to go with in this area can lead you in many different directions.
if it is Old World Charm you are creating then the perfect divine place to start is at a high end Antique shop.. but for most of us there is the key element of finances. Not everyone has the ability to just walk into a shop and spend a few thousand to set up a Scared Space and quite frankly it is not always the way it should be done.
As you evolve and your Altar evolves the seek and discover is one of the most enlightening aspects of it all.
You may seek the items you long for by visiting Flea Markets, Yard / Garage Sales or even look with in the storage areas of your own home to rediscover pieces that can be made a new.  A coat of paint or stain a special cloth or covering can make any acquired piece new and alive once again.
If you are lucky enough to have a room that has been dedicated to your Sacred Space then the first step is to decide on the color.   Soft and Serene, Bold and Bright or Deep and Mysterious.
Select the best color that suits you and give it a new coat of paint.  Or maybe cover the walls or just one wall in a wallpaper design of choice.  You can also do wonders with fabric on the walls as well.
Many local craft shops and fabric stores have a section where you can by fabric in bulk at a discounted price.  Covering a Wall or Walls in a fabric also allows you to change it as often as you like, much like paint but with out the hard work involved in changing a paint color.

Next start your search for the larger pieces.  If it is just an Altar on its own that you are setting up then you will need a sturdy table or flat surface to design it upon. Your Search Begins.
If working with a full room then you can add to the seeking cabinets, book shelves, stands and chests to the search for placement in the area.
Select them for need and design.  Will it hold Herbs, Oils & Potion Bottles?  Books?  Candles and Supplies... Once you decide what items it will hold the search is now made easier...
I will advise you though there are times when a piece will discover you.
I have set out many times to find a cabinet and come home with a new table.. you see it and know you just must have it. You will always find a place for pieces like this.

Once you have select a few pieces for your space it is time to set things up.  Please do remember all does not have to be acquired with in one day of shopping.. this process can take years to fore fill.
However the process starts with a few pieces.
If you have discover them with in your own home then determine if you like them in the condition they are in or do they need to be reinvented.  If so stay with in your select theme of your space and restore, paint or cover the pieces you are working with.
You will also find that taking a walk in the woods will uncover many things that can be added to your Altar or Sacred Space / Room.
I have one area in my home which is an indoor garden room.. with in this area there are vines that are growing about and many upon the actual ceiling of the space.  A bright sun filled room that allows me to bring the gardens indoors in the cold dark of winter and enjoy the splendor year round.
By harvesting some grapevines you to can create this look by applying they securely to the ceiling of your room for a very enchanting effect.
Hanging crystals from them enhances the effect and brings in powerful energies as well.
Being effected by candles in my life in all aspects these play a very important role in the decor of the Altar and Scared Spaces with in my home.  I am very much an Antique lover and seek the Old World Charm look and feel through out. 
Finding holders and wall scones for your candles is a fun process and creating them also fun and easy to do.  Old Mason Jars strung from wires and attached to the ceiling make for inexpensive candle holders with vintage effects.  Simple fill the jar with some sand and place a votive or tea light candle in them, cluster them in groups and you will have a natural chandelier of light.
Comb the Flea Markets and stop at area Yard Sales to also find old wrought iron and vintage looking candle holders.. sometimes they may not have actually been made to be such but if you use a little imagination you can redesign their use.
Silver tone and Silver plated serving dishes are wonderful for this use.  The shimmer and sparkle from the candles to which thay hold make for a very warm feeling.

I could write about this all day!  But for today I will conculde with what I have left you here.. in the days ahead I will continue with you on this journey to seek and design your Scared Space..
I do hope you will join me ...

Simple Vintage Canning Jars Strung from Heavy Gage Wire
For an Old Fashion Candle Chandelier

Natural Elements of the Earth create a feeling of  Nature Within

Friday, June 15, 2012

Busy Busy Busy Witches

Lots of New is happening around here.. The Enchanted Witchery Studio is bursting with boxes.. incoming and outgoing.. all getting ready for the Grand Re-Opening of the website..
I hope you all will join us as we set this off to a bewitching start on June 20th..
If you do not already follow me on Facebook head on over.. give the page a like and set your calender for the event..
It will be The Grand Reopening of ..Bigger, Brighter and filled with many New Products.
June 20th 8:00pm EST