Saturday, September 17, 2011


I am Happy to Announce the Premier of the lastest Addition's
The Enchanted Witchery Line of Witch Wares


Candle Magick has been used for centuries to Invoke needed change.
The light of the Scared Flame fuels the power of ones desire.
Whether being used with in Sacred Ritual, Ceremonial Magick or Spell Casting using the power of Candle Magick has long been The Witches Choice.

Sacred Flames Intent Candles have been created with the utmost care in the selection of
Pure Essential Oils & Organic Herbal Blends used to craft one on the finest Intent candles available.

Each of the Sacred Flames Candles in this collection have been made beneath the
Light of Correct Moon, I will only pour when the Moon is right and the Astrological Phase is Correct. Timing in Magick is one of the Key Elements in the success of Spell Workings & Rituals of Intent.

Upon the Candle you will find an Affirmation to use when burning your candle or creating a Ritual for your desired outcome. Each of these affirmations has come from
My own Master Book of Spells & Workings, a complying of Workings that have been used by Myself and the Coven to which I lead.. It has been Twenty Seven years in the making and still expanding with each turn of the Moon.

Each of the Herbal Blends used in dressing the Sacred Flames Candles have been chosen for their specific vibrations and combined to produce an added Focused Energy to the Intent.
Each Herb & Living Plant matter upon the Earth has very strong Vibrations of Energy, by selecting the correct Herb, Botanical or Plant Matter we can tap into this Energy to Fuel or Fire up our Spells and Assist to manifest the correct outcome of Intent.

Please do understand that for as powerful of a candle that they maybe, the most powerful manifestation of Magick comes from with in the Practitioner.. The Power of The Witch.
Although these candles have been created for Magickal use, you need not be a practicing Witch to use them.... All that is need is the desire and will from with in... and A Sacred Flames.....

Many The Light of The Scared Flame Always burn Brightly in your Life....
Lady MoonRaven

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