Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Planning A Witches Herb Garden

There is nothing more beneficial then having a Witches Herb Garden right out side your door. 
Its February and we are just one month away from Ostara, Springs Official awakening.
This is the time to start your planning.
Your herb garden can be as large or small as area premitting, you can even grow a seasonal garden right on a sunny windowsill.
When preparing for the types of herbs you would like to grown it is important to carefully consider space available and the types of herbs that are most used with in your magickal workings.
Many Herbs can be very invasive in a garden setting and when we encounter these types of herbs it is sometimes better to keep them contained with in planters if space is limited.
There is a vast selection of magickal & medicinal herbs available which can be started from seeds indoors and then transplanted when weather & ground is permitting.
Another wonderful way to get a jump start on the garden is to plant seedlings in spring.  Many are perennial and will continue to supply harvests for years to come.
One of my favorite places to obtain these seedlings is http://www.mountainvalleygrowers.com/

Their offerings are extensive and their plants are always amazingly healthy. The best is that they are certified Organic. So if keeping with Organic growing this is a good source of seedling plants.
Your plants will be shipped at the correct planting time as well so it will take the guess work out of this aspect of gardening for the new comer to the Witches Herb Garden.

Here at Luna Enchantments we are very much looking forward to getting back into Our Magickal Gardens.

Think Spring! Its Just around the Corner...

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