Sunday, April 1, 2012

I Just had an Email come across my desk from a potential customer asking about the process to which I make my Enchanted candles and the time frame to which they will be shipped and could I make something today and ship it tomorrow. I responded with an answer to help her understand the process. It then came to mind that it might be nice to share with everyone the process to which my Magickal Wares & Candles are made.

Not sure if I ever really shared the process with all but here you have it.

Each and every one on my candles is produced in a very strict guide line. The simple answer is when the Moon is in correct light , but to some they have no idea what that exactly means, especially if you are purchasing a candle or product to assist you but are not a practicing Witch. So I will extend that out a bit.

First we do Not pour any candle in Mass quantity. They are crafted in small batches. This allows the candles to always arrive to you in the freshest of form. When inventory is low on a specific candle and I know it needs to be replenished I first before anything else need to determine when it will be poured. This is all calculated by the correct Moon Phase, Day of Week, Time of Day and what Astrological phase the Moon needs to be in. After the calculations have been made the candle goes into production and only then.
Once the candles are out of their molds the next process begins, the hand dressing of each. Herbs, Botanical or what ever deemed fit for that particular candle being dressed is then applied.
From there the candles are taken to a holding area where they wait to go into Ritual for Blessing & Enchanting.
This is done with in a Full Ritual Circle also with in the same Correct Moon Phase.
With in the Ritual, Deity is called upon to come forth and assist in the Charging and Blessing of the candles.

Specific Deity are called for Specific candles. If they are Spell candles they are charged with the correct Intent Spell in this Ritual as well… then off to the packaging area they go after Ritual to be boxed and shipped or placed into inventory.
I will not pour candles outside of a Correct Moon Phase, I don’t care how bad they are needed, and at times this can cause a delay in shipping.
I will also Not pour candles in a Mercury Retro Grade such as now.
It seems quite foolish to produce a candle that is magically enchanted and charged to be used in a magickal way when we are in a phase that can cause reversal of the Intent.. That’s just a no brainer.. And a basic magic 101 lesson learned early on.
I plan ahead for such times and make as much as I think will be needed to cover this period which can last for several weeks.

I was also told with in the Email that there where other shops on Etsy claiming that they can make products today and ship them tomorrow.. I thought, hummm well there is a simple response to that statement.
I do realize and understand that there are others that continue to produce magickal wares and pour candles in this phase. Why I have no answer but will add.. They simply are not creating Authentic Magickal Wares.

Any so called Witch can wave their hands over a batch of candles and say I do Bless these.. But this is not real Magick nor is it the correct way of charging any type of magickal offering that you are selling and claiming is Witch Blessed & Charged.
Experience, Knowledge ,Personal know how and Power is what makes the products at Enchanted Witchery and The Magickal Cupboard Shop Authentically made in The Old Tradition.

So if you care about the type of product you are using in your Magick & Rituals then you should be aware of how they are made, when they are made and by what means they are Enchanted.

This process takes time and care, it is not one that can be done quickly nor should it be.
The choice however is ultimately yours.. Work with products that are just ordinary or work with products that are Authentic Witch Made, Charged & Blessed in The Old Tradition of Witchcraft…. For some this doesn’t matter for others it holds the utmost of importance.
I take great pride in the products I offer.. And will continue to do so for as long as I am a Witch and this will be for this life time and many to come..

So there you have it.. The process to which your wares will be made..

I am thankful & feel blessed to be able to offer these products to you. And Grateful & Divinely Blessed to have such wonderful customers as I do and welcome new customers who truly can appreciate the energy applied to crafting Enchanted Witchery products in “The Old Tradition”

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