Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Magickal Cupboard is just one day away from the Another Big Birthday..
A lot of reflection has been done in the past few days of the year that has now past. I sit and look back on the day the first retail shops essence was born, the planning for its opening and the great pleasure of seeing its overwhelming welcome to the community. Then came the Second & Third. Shops all equally my babies born from Love & Magick. So many wonderful people to have crossed my path, so blessed to be in a business that has not only allowed me to work in the realm to which I so Love, but one that has allowed me to create and help those who been in need, teach in the name of The Goddess to those who sort after the knowledge & live my Magickal Life as I have been chosen to do.
I have had the privilege and blessings of making such beautiful friendships along the way. To have customers who have never felt like customers but extensions of my family.
The success of The Magickal Cupboard Shops both online and off has been wonderful but the connections to those who have become friends and customers is the greatest Blessing of All.
My Family and Friends and have been there through it all, the highs and lows and ups and downs. They have stood by me as I have followed my dream. Contributed their time, hard work and energy when it was needed but most of all stood beside me adding Strenght and Energy when I needed it the most! They have had my back when others have tried to do harm and worked to keep me protected.
I look back over the decades, flip through pictures of the past, of years gone by and laugh and cry at all the change that steadily has moved though me. Twenty Nine Years next month.. Holly Goddess where did the time go?
And here I am today getting ready to embark on the next journey of this Magickal World Wind.
I sit and wonder how many more years are ahead, will I be doing this at 60, 70 or even 80? I honestly can not see myself doing anything else as it is just not a Business to me, nor just a means of support or a way to make a living. It is a life’s passion that was born from a dream and now I live the dream. To be with out it would be like taking away my inner soul to which I can not imagine. So yes I see myself as an Old Crone, eyes site not so good, hair of gray working over the Master Book and creating Magick till I can do it no longer. Lol what a picture!
To say Thank You to those who have patronized The Magickal Cupboard Shop is such a simple phrase that just doesn’t seem to be anywhere near enough to the actual feelings that are behind the statement, but I will say it today and continue to say it each and everyday to All of you. The simplest of words but Huge, Huge Meaning!! I do Thank You All !!
With Love & Blessings
Lady MoonRaven ♥ ♥ )0(

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