Friday, December 21, 2012

Wishing You A Beautiful Winter Solstice
Good Morning Everyone,
A Blessed Winter Solstice to you All!
First let me say that we do apologize for not being here yesterday or last evening.
A last minute decision of Mine to take the time to spend with Family and Prepare for today.
We spent last evening in reflection, finished dressing Raven House for the Welcoming of the
Winter Solstice and spent the time thinking of what the true meaning of this beautiful event is.
A time to reflect, prepare for what lies ahead, and cast away what no longer serves.
With all of the prophecies projecting the End of the World it has given many the chance to take serious stock of where we move ahead from here.
To count the many blessings that we have in our lives and to open our selves to receive the gifts of the
New Age, a higher level of consciousness.
We Have ONE Earth, The Earth Mother, The Giver of Life.
Respect ~ show Reverence to this Planet we reside upon. It is not our possession, but a Gift. A beautiful place for us to dwell in harmony with Nature and Mankind. Show respect for something that does not belong just to you, but to all.

Kindness ~ be kind to one another, be it Stranger or Friend. If practiced it will be returned

Love ~ share this human emotion with all the world, be not selfish but giving. Love thy self as well

Thankfulness ~ be humble, and thankful that we have this beautiful Earth to live upon and thankful for everyday the things we take for granted each day that could all be gone tomorrow. The Waters ~ Air ~ Fire & Earth. Each allows us to live in comfort.

Giving ~ Give back! Don’t always take and not reciprocate in return! Take only what is needed and return an offering for what has been given.

Attunement ~ Attune thy self to the wonders of the Divine ~ The Energies of The Lord & Lady & the hidden Gifts bestowed upon us yet to be discovered. We all have gifts ~ use them and use them wisely.

The Bottom line is that we ALL need to take some time in deep reflection upon this Winter Solstice and ask, what does this life time really mean to us? Why have you been put here? What is your purpose and how does this all effect those who surround you. What gifts do you have to share and what lessons have you come here this time to learn. Open to these understandings.
By creating a Peaceful Balance in one’s own life we can project this to those who are around us. Share the Peacefulness it then becomes contagious.
We all have ordinary, everyday lives. One’s that take us to Jobs, keep us tending to Family, & dealing with the stresses of life in general, the mundane but what we sometimes loose site of is that we are Spiritual Spinning Balls of Divine Energies, one’s that can mark a New Beginning ~ dispose of Negativity and harness the Magick of the amazing Gift of Life its self.
We can change the course of events, stir energies to Manifest, and Craft a better World for those who will follow after us.
The Enchanted Witchery Family wishes You and Yours the Brightest of Winter Solstices ~ The Merriest of Yule’s & A beautiful New Beginning as we welcome the Lights return!
Many Blessings be upon All !
Love & Light & Magick
Lady MoonRaven & The Enchanted Witchery Family

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