Thursday, August 1, 2013

Let's get to know each other

Merry Meet Lovely Witches..
I have been pondering how to start this blog, and I have decided it is
best we all get to know one another. So I will start. My name is Jeanette. I am a born and
raised Catholic, I was a "good Catholic" until it was time to sign my second child up to
religious instruction. I had no desire to have him make his sacraments or re-enroll my older son.. At
best i was a non practicing Catholic. Then my younger son asked me why he wasnt enrolled to make
First Holy Communion.. I told him I didnt know.... Well he is an inquisitive one and went on to
ask me what we were them,,,Guess it was time for me to figure that out huh.. So I began researching
if there was a religion that practices what I believed....
BOOM.... Wicca... are you kidding me Wicca... Huh this is going to go
over like a proverbial fart in church... So in a few days I decided to talk to my husband about this
finding.. He was awesome.. he said "im not surprised, I always thought you were a bit "witchy"" he
did not mean it as a derogatory statement but an honest fining...
So my journey begins...  On a chance meeting I meet Lady Moon Raven... I
was in awwww she is as amazing as you think she is.... I am (oh so) lucky to live near
her.... then can you imagine she
had a position open...
So here we are on her blog....
Share your journey.....

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