Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Making of Magick With the Sacred Flame

Greetings All,
Just a Little Thank you for all the Emails about the New Sacred Flame Affirmation Candles..  I am so glad you are experiencing such wonderful results with them.  They truly are a labor of Love and a great amount of Positive Energy goes into their making..  There are many more to come as we continue to pour with the changing Moon Phases.

In answer to several of your questions about the proper way to light a Sacred Flame candle or any Ritual or Magickal candle, which is a very good question that so many simply have the wrong information here is your answer..

When ever you are working with a Charged Candle, be it a Spell candle or Specific Ritual candle the correct lighting procedure is...
We never light a Sacred candle with Matches, as they contain Sulfur this can have a negative effect on the candles Magickal Energies.
We Never light a Sacred Candle with a lighter either.. as it contains unnatural chemicals in the Butane or Fluid.
The correct way to light a Sacred Ritual Candle is to have what is called a Working candle or Reading candle on your Altar or in your Sacred Space already lit before you begin your Ritual or Working,  From this working candle you may light the Sacred Ritual Candle or use what is called a Lighting Stick which can be lit from the working candle and then from the stick light the Ritual Candle, these are made from Natural Wood and have no added chemicals in their making.
Thank you once again...
Many Blessings &
May The Sacred Flame always burn Brightly in
Your Magickal Journey..

Lady MoonRaven

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